Monetize Solutions Provides the comprehensives cloud services, spanning & migration to automation and 24/7/365 running of your cloud system.

    Monetize Engineers have extensive expertise in cloud technologies and they are razor focused on bringing you the business outcomes they you need.



Monetize Solutions helps you set the right foundations by architecting your cloud for exponential growth.

Monetize experts conduct a Discovery Workshop in your offices to understand your needs and business goals. From this collaborative effort is derived a plan which fits your unique needs and requirements. Monetize brings years of industry experience and best practices to the table.

Post-assessment, Monetize provides a detailed report with a plan which included the right set of tools and technology suitable for the job. These in-depth reports, plans, diagrams and recommendations help you understand the technology choices being proposed in the architecture and the rationale for the making those choices. This solid foundation helps you with years of growth in a sustainable and streamlined manner.


Whether you are migrating from onsite systems to the cloud or migrating between different cloud systems, Monetize cloud migration experts help you with management and execution of entire migration process. Right from migration plan development to developing and using the best automation tools to communicating and tracking projects, Monetize has the expertise on hand to ensure that transitions are smoothly executed.
Monetize experts meet in-person with your teams and define the plans based on your business and technical requirements. Once Monetize and your teams are aligned on the plans, Monetize works in very close communication with you to execute on the plan.


Monetize support teams help you with the development of processes, systems, run-books, standard operating procedures. Monetize provides the right staff to enable your goal to provide complete & comprehensive support at various levels of expertise to your customers. Monetize support teams have the right level of industry expertise, the cultural sensitivities and the technological skills to address complex customer issues with finesse.
Monetize support teams are SLA focused and adhere to well defined processes in order to provide your customers with the appropriate resolutions in a prompt and scalable manner.


Monetize is an engineering company at its core and focusses on automating to reduce reliance on human effort in order to operate your cloud systems. Monetize Cloud Automation services are continuously at the forefront of the best of breed tools to in order to provide you with end-to-end automation.
Monetize engineers enable your goals in a wide variety of situations, spanning from setting up CI/CD pipelines, automating testing & release management processes, automating code quality, integration tests.
Monetize engineers have implemented automation using open source eco-system tools as well as Microsoft toolchains and other proprietary systems.
Monetize also has deep experience in helping clients with their micro-services journeys using containerization technologies. container images creation, container orchestration, hosting private repositories, container auto-scaling, container self-healing, zero downtime upgrades and blue-green deployments to list just a few.


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