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Prescriptive engagement is about leveraging intelligence to create and manage tailored, personalized engagement experiences for customers and prospects in a friendly, interactive way.  As mentioned prescriptive focuses on the “what to do” much like a Doctors prescription vs. the “what could be” of predictive analytics.  Our next generation, modern campaign management solutions leverages micro segmentation, automation, prescriptive artificial intelligence, and social/web contacts to yield optimized campaigns.

Using our machine learning engine, Prescriptive Engagement analytics reveals forward looking opportunities as well as historical performance for immediate conversion into action. In the cloud or on premise.



Visual Segmentation and Audience Selection with Machine Learning

Visual, Precise Targeting
Create tailored and personalized experiences with population targeting across multiple criteria via an intuitive drag and drop interface…with a little help from AI / machine learning

Graphical Campaign Audience Selection
Manage and edit multiple persisted lists

Flexible Audience Output
Define audience outputs to a file or as downloadable

Multi-step Engagement Waves
Conduct multiple waves of engagement with customers and prospects

Campaign Calendar and Management Summary
Track all engagement campaigns and waves through a visual calendar, and provide management with a graphical and professional campaign summary of all campaign properties

Model Scoring Against Segments
Score segments created against their likelihood of monetization


Make quick selections of populations using complex criteria and schedule multiple waves of communications using our graphical Engagement Generator solution.


Utilize intelligence, pre-generated attribution and raw data to come up with the optimal marketing interaction prescriptions

Backend Data Processing Service used by Engagement Generator & Full Customer Spectrum View Behavior Analytics

Operates on premise or in the customer’s cloud